stxx Struts for Transforming XML and XSL

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Description:   Struts for transforming XML with XSL (stxx) is an extension of the struts framework to support XML and and XML transforming technologies like XSL without changing the functionality of struts.

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Struts Menu Web menuing framework for JSP and Struts based applications. Menus can be defined in an XML file (or database tables) and displayed through the use of JSP tags. Support for dynamic javascript menus is included.

Struts SSL Switching Extension Extension to the Apache Jakarta Struts framework that allows developers to configure web applications to automatically switch between the http and https protocols. Configuration is performed within the Struts config xml file.

Struts for php MVC based framework for developing php web applications like jakarta struts. The framework is driven with a easy to handle xml configuration file. Also it has special support for the smarty template engine by supporting it with a special tag lib.

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